Sorry, We’re Temporarily Out Of Stock!

Dear Customer,

This is an apology. For the current lack of availability of our products. As of late I've had entrepreneurial equivalent of writers block. Cool ideas, inspiration and plain passion just haven't been there for me.

The good news: I've taken a different approach to things. I've started to look at it as a hobby. This may sound strange, but it's wonderful. It takes the pressure off of "having" to create, produce, etc.

In having done so I've had a spark of inspiration. I've started designing new styles and even products!

Starting August 1st we'll have cool new stuff more often. Whenever I come up with something new, I'll post a sketch or sample along with a delivery time to our site and social media sites. You'll be given the option to pre-order what you want. This way we both know what we're getting into beforehand.

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With great thanks

Dylan Ribkoff

We heard the demand for

something different.

We answered.


We started Dylan Ribkoff to solve a simple problem: men's underwear wasn't any good. It was either too busy with odd prints and too tight a fit or basic black and lost its shape after a few washes.

By taking a different approach to the way underwear was made, we've developed something better.


Our curators are imaginative, obsessive, and meticulous. They consistently put out undergarments we're proud of. And thankfully, they loosen up a bit once you get them to the pub.


We make everything in Montreal. Not because we're anti China, but because we're pro quality. Design is one thing, but our designs would never come to life without skilled pattern makers and seamstresses. We make our fabric using only the finest yarns, sourced from around the world.

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